Christina Hendricks…in a London Fog

In possibly the most savvy marketing move of their history, London Fog clothiers chose madmen stunner Christina Hendricks as the new face for their fall 2010 campaign.

The London Fog ads, which debuted today, feature the gorgeous, curvy Hendricks working a trenchcoat like she was born to wear it. With her voluptuous curves, doll like features and porcelain skin, we doubt London Fog will be regretting their decision anytime soon.

The leopard print pattern on her trenchcoat is so hot right now on everything from outerwear to accessories. She completes the look with a trendy top-handle bag, paired with plenty of buckles, giving the piece a strong, structured look. We love hearty bags like this – they can really pull an outfit together.

Is it just us, or is anyone else wondering what Christina’s wearing under that trenchcoat?


Rachel Zoe Dies for Fashion

Stylist Rachel Zoe is best known, among other things, for her catchphrase ‘I Die’ – two words she repeats everytime she gets excited about something.

Yes, we said everytime.

While we here at MODEL CITIZEN aren’t fans of Rachel Zoe or her cute little death wishes, we thought these pictures were too cool to pass up. Harper’s Bazaar did a spread on what Rachel Zoe dying for fashion – literally – would look like. Her clothes and jewelry are stunning (as always) – our favorite is the beige dress with sequin embellishments.

Take a peek…

Michael Kors & Rachel Zoe

Marc Jacobs & Rachel Zoe

Vera Wang & Rachel Zoe

Menswear: Pick of the day

Derek Hough sizzles in a three piece suit

We love this gray three-piece suit on Derek Hough – the red silk tie adds just the right amount of color pop, leaving the rest of the suit to grey, black and white for a sophisticated look. Pairing relatively similar colors with one dominant, ‘pop’ color always adds a ‘wow’ factor. This also could have worked well with a sapphire-blue or emerald green tie.

Katy Perry…Our Teenage Dream

Katy Perry gave us all a run for our money (and our treadmills) when she showed off this skin tight, orange-hot Herver Leger Bandage dress with spiked gold Christian Louboutins. We LOVE her look – jewel tones always look amazing on brunettes. What do YOU think?

New Zealand’s Next Top…Jailbait?

New Zealand’s Next Top Model officials may be finding themselves in a bit of hot water today.

Pictures of a near-naked 16 year old Michaela Steenkamp were featured on New Zealand’s Next Top Model but were later taken down and altered due to the model’s age.

Michaela Steenkamp, New Zealand's Next Top Model?

Michaela Steenkamp appeared yesterday on the TV3 website showing her posing over a rock, her body smeared with mud but her breasts clearly exposed. The website was featuring the contestants in last week’s episode, shot in Rotorua, New Zealand.

According to the New Zealand Herald News, the unedited image of Michaela appeared on the site for several hours before it was replaced with a nipple-less image (above).

TV3, the Kiwi station that Top Model airs, tried to downplay the scandal by saying:

“Michaela….wore adhesive covers for the mud pool shoot. We make every effort to protect the girls’ modesty and none of the girls are forced to do anything that they aren’t comfortable doing.”

Let’s not forget that while the contest officials may not be forced to do anything, this is a competition and the girls likely do anything they can to win.

What do you think of the scandal? Is Michaela too young to pose half nude? Or is America just prude?

Madonna gets down and dirty for D & G

Madonna, music’s queen of pop, gets down on all fours for the new Dolce & Gabbana ad.

Madonna likes it dirty

We think the black and white photo of Madonna is classic – we love her in black and white – there’s something about her blonde hair and pale skin that look so great without color. Makes you wonder what she’d look like with less makeup on.

What does this ad say to you? We’re not quite sure how scrubbing (what looks like) a bathroom floor represents a high end brand – but we digress.

D & G’s last ad featured her scrubbing dishes. Sexist?


Little Monsters get Googly-eyed

Lady GaGa fans are devoted creatures. And they’re willing to put their health on the line to stay that way.

The most disturbing new trend in makeup? Giant, oversized ‘Doll-eyes’ that mimic the look GaGa used in her Bad Romance music video. The special contacts cover most of the white of your eyes, and aren’t even approved for use in the United States.

Instead, people are opting to visit foreign websites and buy pairs of these ‘Circle Lens’ contacts, available in a variety of colors, and usually cost less than $30 per pair. But many American doctors, including Dr. Assumpta Madu from the New York Montefiore Medical Center, are warning that if mishandled, these contacts can cause complete loss of vision within 24 hours of first use!

What most Little Monsters don’t realize? GaGa’s eyes were made to appear ‘doll like’ in post production editing. No contacts needed.

Check out this insane video of a fan going through the lengthy process of applying makup and circle lenses to get cartoon eyes. It gets kinda serious around the 6 minute mark.


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