Little Monsters get Googly-eyed

Lady GaGa fans are devoted creatures. And they’re willing to put their health on the line to stay that way.

The most disturbing new trend in makeup? Giant, oversized ‘Doll-eyes’ that mimic the look GaGa used in her Bad Romance music video. The special contacts cover most of the white of your eyes, and aren’t even approved for use in the United States.

Instead, people are opting to visit foreign websites and buy pairs of these ‘Circle Lens’ contacts, available in a variety of colors, and usually cost less than $30 per pair. But many American doctors, including Dr. Assumpta Madu from the New York Montefiore Medical Center, are warning that if mishandled, these contacts can cause complete loss of vision within 24 hours of first use!

What most Little Monsters don’t realize? GaGa’s eyes were made to appear ‘doll like’ in post production editing. No contacts needed.

Check out this insane video of a fan going through the lengthy process of applying makup and circle lenses to get cartoon eyes. It gets kinda serious around the 6 minute mark.



BeautyBox: Today’s Makeup Pick

The perfect mascara…does it exist?

MODEL CITIZEN feels like she’s constantly searching for the right mascara. Is it clumpy? Gummy? Pasty? Too dry? Too wet?

Will it make my eyelashes look like spider legs?

Behold, fellow citizens: Maybelline TheFalsies Mascara

Mascara. On. Crack.

Maybelline TheFalsies is the most amazing mascara we’ve ever tried – and we’ve tried a lot of mascaras. It’s almost supernatural in its powers. What makes this so different? After we put it on, we saw eyelashes we’d never seen before. Don’t believe us? Check out MODEL CITIZEN’S before and after pics for yourself.

Test Bunny's Eyelashes, Before. Unimpressive at best.

Test Bunny's Eyelashes, After...BOOM.

What’s the most impressive aspect of our test? The ‘After’ picture was taken pre-eyelash curl. There was almost no prep done (other than basic makeup removal) to Test Bunny’s lashes before, or after application.

We here at MODEL CITIZEN give Maybelline TheFalsies Mascara an A+.