We’re going GaGa for the Lady

Check out these beautiful pictures we spotted of Lady GaGa in the new issue of Vanity Fair. We love her – she is such a classic icon and she’s only been around in the mainstream world for the past few years. We heard an aquaintance refer to her as ‘Absolutely this generation’s Madonna. Only Better. Lady GaGa is the quintessential pop queen gone bad – and she’s talented as hell.’ Here, Lady G features an incredible hairstyle with plenty of sparkle. We love the color – not sure if it’s real or not – but the way it plays off her skin tone and jewelry is perfect. When you’re wearing heavy jewelry like Lady, remember the rest of the outfit should be minimalistic. The necklace looks great in this picture because the rest of her is bare – but with anything else on, she wouldn’t be giving it the justice it deserves.

Notice her eye makeup. A great style tip when you’re wearing jewelry with heavy sparkle? White toned makeup. When we dress, we always try to think about color. What colors match our outfits, or at least complement them. But if we’re wearing a major piece like Lady’s necklace (left) and we’re keeping the rest of the outfit plain, (mostly black, mostly white, mostly tan)how do we do our makeup? The answer is white. The jewelry colors are clear, and white makeup will draw attention not only to your jewelry, but also your eyes, and make them appear wider. Use white eyeliner, white to gold shimmery eyeshadow and heavy mascara for drama. We like to use 2 coats of mascara when wearing white eyeshadow – the contrast creates a beautiful look.

This next picture of Gaga in a skintight black bodysuit with loads of embellishments displays just how beautifully clear jewelry can complement a black and white outfit. Notice the clear jeweled ring she’s wearing, over leather gloves – it complements both the white sparkle in her outfit and the chains on the front. Keeping her colors to black, white and clear creates focus where she needs it – on the bodysuit. Putting a brightly colored ring or necklace on would be too distracting.

Our main point? Choose one source of drama for your outfit – a piece of jewelry, an embellished belt or a studded pair of heels – but not several.


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