Find YOUR Perfect Hairstyle!

Celebrity hairstylist Garren of Garren New York Salon taught us a major lesson on turning simple cuts into dramatic transformations.

Careful, Garren...

He uses the good old method of face shape evaluation to figure out what kind of hairstyle works best. “It’s all about using hair to either offset or accentuate your bone structure,” he says. We’re here to show you how to find the most flattering haircut for your face shape and how to rock the hottest cuts of the season.

1. Find Your Face Shape

The first step to finding your perfect cut is figuring out what shape your face is. But it can be hard to tell. Use these general rules as a marker:

Gisele, why the long face?

a.) Long The width of your brows, cheekbones and jaw are almost equal.

Long face shapes should stay away from cuts that emphasize the narrowness of their facial structure. “It’s as easy as using tousled curls, waves or bangs that are dense and draw the eye upward,” says Garren. Long face shapes should live by this rule: The fuller your hair, the fuller your face will appear.

Round Face! Round Face! Round Face!

b.) Round Your face is almost as wide as it is long and your forehead and jaw are rounded out at the corners.

Listen up, ladies. Your goal here is to avoid blunt cuts – keep volume on the top and the bottom – NOT THE SIDES! Invest in a great hair straightener and a round brush with rough bristles to smooth hair. “Round faces are youthful,” says Garren. “But streamlined hair adds sophistication as well.”

Oh Paris, you're such a square...

c.) Square The length of your face is almost equal to the width

Square faced gals should focus on softening their angular jaw and forehead lines. “The primary goal is to soften the face…” says Garren. “You can essentially erase sharp edges with tapered layers and a flirty fringe.”

Victoria Beckham's got heart...face

d.) Heart If your brow is wide but your jaw is narrow, you’re a heart.

Your goal as a heart shaped face should be to draw attention to your eyes and cheekbones. Drawing the focus away from the chin is as easy as using a strategically placed bang or mid length layers.


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