BeautyBox Hair: Pick of the day

We found this beautiful picture of Katie Holmes and couldn’t resist sharing. Her hair looks so casual and effortless. Katie is the ubiquitous ‘girl-next-door’ – carefree and classic American style.

 Craving her look? Try MODEL CITIZEN’s technique for copying Katie’s ‘do:

1. Leave hair wet coming out of the shower. Towel Dry, lightly – don’t squeeze all the moisture out of your hair.

2. Rub a few drops of your favorite anti-frizz hair product between your palms and distribute evenly from tips to roots. Our pick? Simply Smooth Keratin Finishing Gloss, $29.99 on

3. Make a deep side part in your hair (as pictured) and start dividing hair into 1-inch thick sections. First, comb the section so there’s no snags or knots. Then, one section at a time,  start twirling hair tightly (not too tight – don’t break your hair!) around your index finger from root to tip and give a quick spritz with hairspray each time. Repeat all over.

4. Let air dry and touch up your look with a small barrel curling iron on medium heat.


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