We’re going GaGa for the Lady

Check out these beautiful pictures we spotted of Lady GaGa in the new issue of Vanity Fair. We love her – she is such a classic icon and she’s only been around in the mainstream world for the past few years. We heard an aquaintance refer to her as ‘Absolutely this generation’s Madonna. Only Better. Lady GaGa is the quintessential pop queen gone bad – and she’s talented as hell.’ Here, Lady G features an incredible hairstyle with plenty of sparkle. We love the color – not sure if it’s real or not – but the way it plays off her skin tone and jewelry is perfect. When you’re wearing heavy jewelry like Lady, remember the rest of the outfit should be minimalistic. The necklace looks great in this picture because the rest of her is bare – but with anything else on, she wouldn’t be giving it the justice it deserves.

Notice her eye makeup. A great style tip when you’re wearing jewelry with heavy sparkle? White toned makeup. When we dress, we always try to think about color. What colors match our outfits, or at least complement them. But if we’re wearing a major piece like Lady’s necklace (left) and we’re keeping the rest of the outfit plain, (mostly black, mostly white, mostly tan)how do we do our makeup? The answer is white. The jewelry colors are clear, and white makeup will draw attention not only to your jewelry, but also your eyes, and make them appear wider. Use white eyeliner, white to gold shimmery eyeshadow and heavy mascara for drama. We like to use 2 coats of mascara when wearing white eyeshadow – the contrast creates a beautiful look.

This next picture of Gaga in a skintight black bodysuit with loads of embellishments displays just how beautifully clear jewelry can complement a black and white outfit. Notice the clear jeweled ring she’s wearing, over leather gloves – it complements both the white sparkle in her outfit and the chains on the front. Keeping her colors to black, white and clear creates focus where she needs it – on the bodysuit. Putting a brightly colored ring or necklace on would be too distracting.

Our main point? Choose one source of drama for your outfit – a piece of jewelry, an embellished belt or a studded pair of heels – but not several.


MODEL CITIZEN spots UFO pants…making a comeback?

MODEL CITIZEN was perusing Facebook the other day and connected with our Teen Style Spy Nina Starr to get the scoop on what’s hot among the high school crowd. Believe it or not, the rave scene is still alive and well and so is the rave style. UFO pants are coming back in a major way among the teen raver crowd. If you were born in the late 80’s or 90’s you KNOW how trendy these pants were. An www.UrbanDictionary.com user quotes them as “The best pants in the world. The are light as a feather, they dry fast if you spill something on them, they don’t wrinkle, they are easy to get in any size and are very adjustable, they come in almost every color, they have buttons on the pockets so your stuff doesn’t fall out when you sit down, and they’re the most comfortable pants ever. They fit snuggly around the waist and the legs are wide without looking like hakama pants (those dress-looking pants that you see martial artists wear sometimes)”.

MODEL CITIZEN doesn’t know if she’s ready to rock a pair of UFOs just yet, but Nina Star is all ready to buy pairs in her favorite colors. Her teen crowd loves the baggy, comfortable look of them. In almost any shade her little heart desires! (which is usually a lot.) UFOs come in an unusually wide variety of colors and patterns – and she says you don’t have to be a raver to wear them. The girls she’s seen wearing them pair them with everything from string bikini tops to bandeaus to tanks or band tees. If they’re not available at your local mall, she says you should try one or more of the following sites (depending availability of the size/color you’re looking for):


We suggest www.raveready.com because they have the most interesting styles and colors. Also, www.bewild.com is one of your best bets.

What do you think? Would you rock the rave style?

Cindy Crawford makes a sexy comeback

We found these delicious pictures of our favorite supermodel, Cindy Crawford, making her comeback in new ads for the Moscow department store TSUM’s Autumn/Winter marketing campaign.  You can see from all the pictures how Fall trends consistently point toward vintage themed clothing – lots of lush fabrics like silk, lace, satin and fur – plenty of jewels and over the top, luxe designs.

We love her classic red lipstick and vibrant nails in every picture. Fall is all about red lips and dark nails.

Even though she’s old enough to be a mom to the newest line of catwalk queens, to us, she doesn’t look a day over 40.

The full waves in  her hair are a great contrast to the fitted clothing she’s modeling.

We suddenly have an urge to hop the next flight to Moscow….

Christian Louboutin Sneakers…Hot or Not?

Love? Hate?

Check out these new punk inspired sneakers by fashion legend Christian Louboutin.

His fall line features kicks that come embellished with rhinestones and spikes, as well as softer animal prints. Wondering how much you need to spend to rock your new Louboutins?

Try $2,400.00 per pair.

MODEL CITIZEN definitely won’t be paying that much to wear these shoes, which are all of a sudden looking hideous after we discovered the price…but what do YOU think?

America’s Got Talent…and Kylie Minogue

If you caught last night’s episode of America’s Got Talent and you feel the same way about fashion as MODEL CITIZEN,  we’re willing to bet you nearly wet your pants when Kylie Minogue stepped out on stage to perform her new single, “Get Outta My Way,” (amazing!!!!)  in the tightest, sexiest black spandex dress we’d ever seen. It had this amazing gold wire sculpture affixed to the left front side, running all down the front, (check out the video for close ups!!!) and of course Kylie pumped it up with heavy gold matching earrings, bracelets and shoes. With her messy hair and heavy hardware jewelry, Kylie pulled off the perfect combo of polished punk and disco dancehall queen. She’s one of MODEL CITIZEN’s permanent wardrobe inspiration picks, and our definite pick of the day.

Check out the video below for her incredible performance.

Find YOUR Perfect Hairstyle!

Celebrity hairstylist Garren of Garren New York Salon taught us a major lesson on turning simple cuts into dramatic transformations.

Careful, Garren...

He uses the good old method of face shape evaluation to figure out what kind of hairstyle works best. “It’s all about using hair to either offset or accentuate your bone structure,” he says. We’re here to show you how to find the most flattering haircut for your face shape and how to rock the hottest cuts of the season.

1. Find Your Face Shape

The first step to finding your perfect cut is figuring out what shape your face is. But it can be hard to tell. Use these general rules as a marker:

Gisele, why the long face?

a.) Long The width of your brows, cheekbones and jaw are almost equal.

Long face shapes should stay away from cuts that emphasize the narrowness of their facial structure. “It’s as easy as using tousled curls, waves or bangs that are dense and draw the eye upward,” says Garren. Long face shapes should live by this rule: The fuller your hair, the fuller your face will appear.

Round Face! Round Face! Round Face!

b.) Round Your face is almost as wide as it is long and your forehead and jaw are rounded out at the corners.

Listen up, ladies. Your goal here is to avoid blunt cuts – keep volume on the top and the bottom – NOT THE SIDES! Invest in a great hair straightener and a round brush with rough bristles to smooth hair. “Round faces are youthful,” says Garren. “But streamlined hair adds sophistication as well.”

Oh Paris, you're such a square...

c.) Square The length of your face is almost equal to the width

Square faced gals should focus on softening their angular jaw and forehead lines. “The primary goal is to soften the face…” says Garren. “You can essentially erase sharp edges with tapered layers and a flirty fringe.”

Victoria Beckham's got heart...face

d.) Heart If your brow is wide but your jaw is narrow, you’re a heart.

Your goal as a heart shaped face should be to draw attention to your eyes and cheekbones. Drawing the focus away from the chin is as easy as using a strategically placed bang or mid length layers.

BeautyBox Hair: Pick of the day

We found this beautiful picture of Katie Holmes and couldn’t resist sharing. Her hair looks so casual and effortless. Katie is the ubiquitous ‘girl-next-door’ – carefree and classic American style.

 Craving her look? Try MODEL CITIZEN’s technique for copying Katie’s ‘do:

1. Leave hair wet coming out of the shower. Towel Dry, lightly – don’t squeeze all the moisture out of your hair.

2. Rub a few drops of your favorite anti-frizz hair product between your palms and distribute evenly from tips to roots. Our pick? Simply Smooth Keratin Finishing Gloss, $29.99 on Amazon.com.

3. Make a deep side part in your hair (as pictured) and start dividing hair into 1-inch thick sections. First, comb the section so there’s no snags or knots. Then, one section at a time,  start twirling hair tightly (not too tight – don’t break your hair!) around your index finger from root to tip and give a quick spritz with hairspray each time. Repeat all over.

4. Let air dry and touch up your look with a small barrel curling iron on medium heat.

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